Small-town Love

 I wrote the email below to my friend Sandra, who then suggested I post it here. I agreed, it's important to share when good things happen and caring strangers reaffirm your faith in humanity. 

I was suffering from a too fast heart beat, as soon as I walked just a few steps, it would start. It's OK now, I stopped drinking coffee and my heart immediately slowed down. 

This is the email to Sandra: 

Yesterday, I had to shop. I tried my best to walk up and down the aisles, but it became too much for me and as I leaned over my cart, people came up and were concerned. One guy offered to do my shopping for me, just give me your list, he said. I didn't, but I thanked him. 

Someone else helped me push the cart to a young woman cashier at the check out place, she said she'd look after it. A store employee named Ben walked me to my car. Then he came back with a water bottle. Then he came back and checked on me again a couple of times. 

 When I felt better, I went back inside where I learned that they had already rung up all my groceries and the store had paid for them! The cashier told me someone had donated money to help customers who became ill while shopping in their store. 

The store: Save Mart.

This was truly a small-town America situation, not just the money, but all the help I got. And it was also wonderful because recently, when I haven't felt well, collapsing in the grocery store was my greatest fear. That feeling of making a fool of myself and disturbing others. 

Then all those wonderful things happened, people were so helpful and kind.  


  1. I am first today and I am glad you posted this, we need to know there are still people in this sad world who care for others... so glad you were in that store and that the right people were there to help you when you needed it most...

  2. What generous spirits there are in your neck of the woods, and so kind. I hope you're feeling stronger now.

  3. I'm glad a tough day had its compensations.

  4. That's a story for us all to read as it definitely restores our faith in humanity.

  5. Hello,
    I hope you are feeling better. What a story sharing that there are still many nice and wonderful people out there, willing to help each other. My hubby had a similar episode while we were on our Arizona Vacation, so many people were willing to help. Take care, have a great day and happy week ahead. Sending prayers for you! Take care, have a great day and happy week ahead.

  6. I'm sorry that you felt unwell while shopping but I'm so glad that kind people came to your help. Kindness is still to be found in generous hearts. You are wise to stay away from coffee with your heart racing.
    My heart was racing also and I had difficulty with shortness of breath and it was discovered that I needed some thyroid medication and all is well right now. Please, have your heart and thyroid checked.


  7. Hari Om
    🩷🙏🩷 Wonderful. Thanks for sharing the Love displayed through this letter. YAM xx

  8. "The cashier told me someone had donated money to help customers who became ill while shopping in their store."

    Psst...I think it was the guy who offered to do your shopping! ;-)

    Inger, thank you for sharing this with us. It does restore my hope in humanity.

  9. All I can say is that you live in an amazing place!! How are you now, what did the doctor say?

  10. what a great commentary on small town friendship! Like Ginny says about, what did the dr. say?

  11. What a wonderful helpful community.
    There are good, caring people around.

    I hope you are now feeling a lot better.
    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  12. That' s amazing and glad you had all that help. I hope you are feeling better

  13. Living in a small town with helpful kind people is a wonderful blessing. I too live in one of those kinds of towns. :)
    Hope your feeling better now!!

  14. How beautiful that people rallied round and someone even paid for your groceries/shopping cart purchases. That gives me faith in ordinary people to hear your experience. Be well. A card is on its way to you.


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