Taking A Break

 First of all, I want to thank you all for your kind remarks and good wishes.  Blogger friend Sandi wrote in her last comment: Your small town wrapped its arms around you. And I will add that the same goes for you. I'm grateful for your friendship. I know a UTI is nothing much to deal with most of the time when you are younger, but when you are no longer young everything gets a bit more difficult and, most of all, more tiring. I read somewhere that when you're old you need more energy for everything you do, but you have so much less.  This is so true. So I will take some time off from blogging and work on getting better and stronger.

The Test Results

  Thank you for your concern about my health and for caring. The friends I've made while blogging all these years, you are really great.  Joyce took me to ER this morning. I was seen right away (the reason I went in the morning, and so far, it has worked well for me). I was diagnosed with yet another UTI. I asked about the other symptoms and he said it's all closely connected and if you have an infection in one part, it may affect areas close by.  So I got one antibiotic capsule while at the hospital and when Joyce and I arrived at Walmart Pharmacy, not that far away, the prescription had arrived, with an urgent note on it.  It gave me such a good feeling of small town life. The woman at the pharmacy gave me my medicine and said she hoped I would feel better soon.